Nekadesh Farm Retreat Center
Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Retreat Counseling Session Payment


As a called Counseling servant of God it is my honor and pleasure to serve the body of Christ. Your payment of any amount helps support Nazareth Ministries and our mission.  This is for a Day Retreat at Nekadesh Farm Retreat Center; which includes two counseling sessions, accommodations, and light lunch/snack. Cost $95.00 Thank you in advance for your contribution to our counseling ministry to advance the Kingdom of God and the commission to make disciples.

Disclaimer for tele-counseling, chat therapy, or email  counseling clients:
IN NO WAY does tele-counseling, chat therapy, or email counseling replace a counseling relationship based on face-to-face interactions. One main disadvantage is that the counselor CANNOT verify information, consult first-hand with other service providers such as the client’s primary care physician. Further, these methods of counseling does not allow for visual cues with which are all basic elements of a face-to-face counseling intervention. Therefore, the counselor solely relies on the client’s honesty. Each person is responsible for making the decision about which form of counseling to pursue and will need to be open and honest with the counselor about the facts of their situation so that the counselor may guide them for their own best interest

A Retreat Counseling  Session Payment
Price:$95.00 (USD)